What are two examples of how the landscape descriptions either symbolize a character's feelings or communicate the atmosphere of a situation?

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Book 1 is set from Spring to Spring (one full year).

One of my favorite examples (you'll have to find the page numbers; I have a Kindle copy) is Pavel and Peter's story of the wolves and the bride and groom thrown from the sled.  I like this is an example because although there is a description of the naturalistic forces that will continue to build in the Winter with Mr. Shimerda's suicide, the end of the fall communicates the transition and is tinged with this fear (think about the sledding trip as well) as opposed to directly hitting the reader over the head with it.

Another one I really like is at the beginning when he describes the landscape as a place that "blots" one out.  Again, that naturalism, but also a sense of being wiped clean--a clean slate full of possibilities.

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