Discuss the statement: "It is through conflict that we grow."

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carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All of human progress is linked to conflict.  Man faces conflict on a daily basis. Many times the conflict is within himself. Financial struggles or losing a job— learning to handle these stressful situations enables the person to have a positive attitude which creates the atmosphere for solutions rather than coming to a dead end.   Managing traumatic circumstances empowers a person to process and resolve any inner tension.

Conflict is an integral part of life.  If man had no conflict, he would never be compelled to look for answers to his problems.

Benjamin Franklin said that “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

Over-zealousness about an issue often leads to over reaction in conflict situations. Arguing should not be a part of conflict resolution. When a person faces off against another person, the best solution is to constructively find a way to communicate in a peaceful manner without attempting to force an opinion on someone else. Keep logic in the forefront, and emotions on the back burner. Again, a positive attitude is the only way to find compromise in conflict.

Conflict can be a channel for moral growth. Often outside influences instigate situations that force a person to choose a side on which he must stand. Through facing difficult situations and moral dilemmas, the individual may have to examine his value system. What does he have at stake which has worth to him?  A person who has the ability to withstand criticism or corruption in his life can use conflict as a springboard for personal growth.  Hopefully, the majority who face moral disputes will be enriched and flourish in his decisions.  

On the other hand, if a person does not have an education, a strong set of morals,  and loses his rational thought than he may lose his individuality and find himself corrupted in his choices. Those who use opportunities for selfish gain in the middle of conflict will reduce not only himself but humanity as well. Approaching every struggle as an opportunity to learn and perhaps grow makes the person a winner in his life.

jess1999 | Student

Basically conflicts represents the obstacles in our life, and these obstacles help us individually grow to become better or stronger person. For example,  a piano recital is an obstacle that allows students to overcome their fear of playing in front of people . Later on, you'll feel more comfortable playing in front of people

I just think that this means that when we have conflicts we are faced with an unfamiliar situation and that once we pass them we learn more about ourselves and about other things. Therfore we grow our knowledge and our self by overcomming conflicts.