Through the character and actions of Napoleon, how does George Orwell paint a picture of brutal tyranny?

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The word "brutal" denotes being cruel and inhuman; in other words, a person who is brutal doesn't care about the pain of others. Tyranny means "an unrestrained exercise of power" (link below). So, that means that Napoleon, who is an archetype for Russia's Lenin in the early 20th century, treated his people inhumanely with no one trying to stop him. Those who did stand up to him, such as Snowball (Leon Trotsky) were either exiled or killed. Another example of how brutal Napoleon can be is when he sells Boxer, the most loyal and hard worker that they had, to a glue factory. Out of respect for such a loyal citizen, Napoleon should have given him a pension with retirement rather than selling him off to be slaughtered!


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