What are three ways in which the image formed by the lens of the eye is similar to that formed by the lens of a camera?three ways, similarities

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hnystrom eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both the eye and a camera record an image by passing light through a lens that can be modified and projecting it onto a recording medium.  The recording medium of a camera is film or nowdays a digital screen and the eye it is a retina.  In both cases the image produced would be upside down.

The brightness of the image can be adjusted by modifying the size of the hole that allows light to pass through.  The diphragm of the camera is very similar to the pupil.  A smaller hole lets in less light, which is find for daytime vision, and a large hole is good for low levels of light, such as at night.

Both the camera and the eye work similarly when focusing the object.  First the lens can be modified to adjust the focallength of the lens.  In cameras we can swap lenses.  In the eye the muscles can squeeze or elongate the flexible lens to create a lens with a different focal length.  Focus can also be adjusts by adjusting the position of the lens relative to the screen.  In a camea the lens can bemoved in or out.  In the eye the shape or the eyeball can change so the lens moves forward and back relative to the retina.