Identify three times when Romiette experienced stereotyping in the book.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one instance of stereotyping in the book can be seen when Julio's father blames Romiette for the troubles that Julio is in.  He is blaming her because she is African- American, triggering Julio's father's mistrust of African- Americans.  Another time that Romiette faces stereotyping is with Malaka.  Her former friend approaches her and tells her that "African-American girl should not be eating lunch with a Latino boy."  Malaka stereotypes Romiette into the idea that all African- Americans should have the same preferences for people they want to be with, and this should only reside with other African- Americans.  This extends to another example of stereotyping.  When Malaka approaches Romi later on in the narrative to tell her that "the family" does not approve of her hanging out with Julio, one sees how the Devildogs' perception of Romi is a stereotypical one.  Like Malaka, they stereotype Romi into suggesting that she should not be associating with someone who is not African- American.  Led by Terrell, the Devildogs suggest that they will back up their "suggestion" with force. This represents another example of how Romi is stereotyped in the narrative.