What are three points that can prove Jonas's assignment was an honor, not a punishment, in The Giver by Lois Lowry?

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The text of The Giver lays out points that can be used to support the idea that Jonas's selection is not a punishment, but an honor. Let's look at three of these and then discuss how to write an essay based upon them. 

At the Assignment ceremony, the Chief Elder explains to Jonas and the community the reasons Jonas has been selected as the Receiver. She states that Jonas has been found to be intelligent, honest, and courageous. The Chief Elder says the Elders have "observed him meticulously" throughout his childhood, looking for these qualities, and Jonas never disappointed them (Lowry 62). While the life Jonas is about to begin will be painful and upsetting, it is meant to honor his positive qualities, not punish them. 

To write a three-point essay using those points, you need to create a five-paragraph essay structure. The first paragraph should be an introduction that introduces the story and author and gives a very brief overview of the setting, characters, and plot. The introduction should end with a thesis statement, which is a statement that tells the reader your main idea and supporting points. For this assignment, you have been given your main idea, which is that Jonas's selection is an honor, and the three qualities discussed above can be your three supporting points. You must then develop three body paragraphs, one on each point, in the order in which you have named them in your thesis statement. So, for example, if the first point you name in the thesis statement is Jonas's intelligence, that should be the topic of your first body paragraph. Each body paragraph needs to begin with a topic sentence and then expand into support for that point. Finally, you will write a conclusion in which you summarize your main idea and supporting points. 

The basic structure of an essay remains largely the same most of the time. Think of it as a kind of template that you can use to organize the points you wish to make to support your thesis. Good luck!

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