What are three instances in where Bruno is shown to be a kind and patient boy in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the best examples of Bruno being kind and patient would be when he is open to listening to Pavel.  At first, Bruno dismisses Pavel as one who has no real medical value.  However, Bruno's patience and kindness reveal themselves as he understands that Pavel once used to be a doctor and thus has something meaningful to say when Bruno is in pain.  Another similar example is seen when Bruno understands Maria to be more than a "servant."  His kindness and patience are on display when he rebukes his sister for not seeing Maria as more than just someone who cooks and cleans up after the children.  Bruno's kindness and patience are evident in how he sees people as more than their status and external conditions might dictate.  One of the best examples of his kindness and patience would be when he remains loyal to Shmuel.  In the midst of their looking for Shmuel's father, Bruno is scared.  However, he does not let his fear dictate his actions.  Rather, Bruno shows kindness in how he supports his friend.  He shows patience in how he does not abandon his friend in a time of need.  He shows care when he takes Shmuel's little hand in his, even when they are marched into the gas chambers.  In telling him that they will be best friends forever, Bruno displays the care and patience so evidently absent and simultaneously present in so many during the Holocaust.

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