Identify three developments (social, economic, or political) underway in England that helped launch that country’s energies towards North American colonization.

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geosc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some British colonies in North America were established for commercial reasons; the development was Mercantilism.

Some were established for religious reasons; the development was Puritanism.

King Charles II was restored to the throne of England in 1660 after the death of the dictator, Oliver Cromwell.  To reward certain powerful men who had given political and financial assistance to restoring him, Charles gave them the right to establish and govern a colony in North America; they named their colony Carolina.  Carolina was established, then, for political reasons; the development was the return of monarchical government to England.  At that time, the English population was about as big as England could support because the agricultural practices of that time would not support more people.  Therefore, people were willing to move to Carolina to gain a better quality of life.  Might not we call this development over-population?