Three compounds; X, Y, Z, have the formula `C_3H_8O` .Write structural formulas for three different compounds with the formula `C_3H_8O` .

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The bonds or the atoms inter-connectivity give the different structural formulas of compounds with the same molecular formula.

There exists one ether and two alcohols with the same molecular formula `C_3H_8O` such that:

`CH_3 CH_2 O CH_3` (methoxyethane or ethyl methyl ether with a methyl group that is bound to oxygen)

You may write the two isopropyl alcohols with the molecular formula `C_3H_8O` or `C_3H_7OH` , using the following notation: n-propyl alcohol, such that:

`CH_3 CH_2 CH_2 OH` (1 - propyl alcohol or propan-1 ol)

`CH_3 CHOH CH_3` or `(CH_3)_2 CHOH` (2-propyl alcohol or isopropanol or propan-2 ol)

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