Three characters from Romeo and Juliet that experience prejudice and how they deal with it.

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In the first scene of the play, Sampson and Gregory pick on the two servants from the Montague family.  Sampson starts the fight by "biting his thumb," which is a rude gesture, at the two servants, and the Montague servants react with anger and violence.  They want to fight.  That seems to be the first reaction to prejudice in most of this play.

Another person involved in this same brawl is Benvolio.  He is known as the "peace maker" and wants them all to calm down.  His reaction is very different from most in the play.  He warns that they will be in trouble with the Prince if they fight in the streets.

Juliet could be the third to face prejudice from her own Nurse. She runs into trouble after Romeo kills Tybalt.  She wants help from the Nurse, but all she says is to forget Romeo--he's banished.  He's no longer worthy--so Juliet has to go her own way, which is not like her.  She usually has the Nurse to guide her, but not his time.  She goes to the Friar, which eventually ends up leading to her own suicide.

All of these characters have different reactions.  Most of them, however, end in violence.  Benvolio (and the Friar, too) are the only characters who desire peace. 

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