In what ways could any ONE of the following: asthma, stroke, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol be a result of a lifestyle choice? In my assignment I have to, in paragraph form, describe a health condition caused by a lifestyle choice.

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Any one of these could be the result of a lifestyle choice, although some people who very purposefully live healthy lives can still develop these same health conditions, so they are also related to genetics.

To take high blood pressure (hypertension) as one example, people who have a very stressful job with too many hours and a lot of responsibility (such as air traffic controllers) often tend to develop high blood pressure.  The same can also be true if you choose to smoke cigarettes or eat a high sodium diet.  Any and all of these factors, which are all choices, can lead to high blood pressure, which can in itself lead to aneurysm, heart attack, stroke, fatigue and shortness of breath.

90 - 95% of hypertension cases have no medical cause, and are therefore directly related to lifestyle.

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