In Thomas Malory's Le Morte d' Arthur, dicuss a feat or accomplishment of one of the main Arthurian heroes: Arthur, Lancelot, or Galahad.

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Lancelot du Lake commits a most heroic feat when he defeats the two giants and frees the castle Tintagil.  Lancelot bravely takes on "two great giants, well armed all save the heads, with two horrible clubs in their hands" (III.xi).  This battle is one of Sir Lancelot's bravest endeavors, because not only is he outnumbered two to one, but also by giants!  Lancelot uses his cunning and great strength to defeat his foes.  With the first giant, Lancelot catches the giant's sword on his shield and as it glances off, Lancelot uses the split-second opportunity to behead the first giant.  When the second giant sees what has happened to his ally, be tries to run away from the powerful knight, but Lancelot catches up to him and "and smote him on the shoulder, and clave him to the navel" (III.xi). 

Following Lancelot's heroics, the knight is welcomed into Tintagil by "three score ladies and damosels, and all kneeled unto him, and thanked God and him of their deliverance."  They tell him that many knights had tried to best the giants but failed, and they bless the day that he was born.