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No, but who really knows what Alice Sebold bases her novels on, with the exception of "Lucky" which is the story of her rape as a teenager. Alice Sebold likes to begin her novels with fantastic "grabbers." This is evident in "The Lovely Bones" as she describes in first person as Susie Salmon, her basic stats and then, almost casually mentions "I was 14 years old when I was murdered" mingled in with verbal folly. This technique of a shocking opener is also the case with her novel, "The Almost Moon." Sebold has an intriguing technique. A lot of people are waiting and wondering: "What's next, Ms. Sebold, the world is waiting."

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Obviously it's a work of fiction just based on the way it is written, but when author Alice Sebold was a freshman at Syracuse University, she was brutally raped. She wrote about this in her non-fiction memoir Lucky, and she drew upon this horrific experience again as the starting point for The Lovely Bones.

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..........The fact that Susie talks from heaven................I think you can make the right assumption from that.......

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Actually yes it is, 2 reasons actually

1. because the author in high school was brutally raped and beat

2.susie salmon is not a real name but real person she was murdered in norristown PA

their is your answer