Does this story contain elements that you associate with Gothic traditions in horror or mystery stories? What makes "A Rose for Emily" an example of Southern Gothic fiction?  

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"A Rose for Emily" is an example of Southern Gothic literature. Here are some of the characteristics of Southern Gothic that this story contains:

  • An exploration of the behavior and social order of the South

In the exposition of the narrative, Emily is described as a "tradition" and "a duty" and a "sort of hereditary obligation upon the town." She grows up in the Old South, a patriarchal society in which her father has paid no taxes because Colonel Sartoris had invented a tale in which Mr. Grierson had donated money to the town years before. Emily believes this tale and after her father dies, she insists that she owes no taxes when the aldermen pay her a visit.

  • Damaged and delusional characters who try to make sense of the world around them

Later, Miss Emily makes an exhibition of herself when she rides around the town with Homer Barron, a common laboring man from the North. Many of the townspeople are concerned about Miss Emily as she has lost "noblesse oblige ." Her relatives from Alabama are called...

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