This sentence does not have coherence; correct it. "Each singer has to prepare their songs."

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There was a time, not long ago, when this sentence would have been considered ungrammatical, because the possessive pronoun “their” is plural, but the antecedent is singular: “each singer.” But, starting with the 15th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, the pronouns “their” and "them" are acceptable, to avoid such awkward constructions as “his or her,” “his/her,” or “sher.” So the best way to correct this sentence, “Each singer has to prepare their songs” is, first, get rid of the auxiliary verb phrase “has to,” which should be “must.” Then make a complex sentence, adding a dependent clause and perhaps a prepositional phrase for clarification: “To get ready for the concert, all the singers must rehearse the songs on the lists specially prepared for them.” Even this solution does not clearly state that each singer has a separate list of songs, so you can see how plural pronouns such as “them” and "their" have become acceptable whenever “each” is used.
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