I need a complete summary of the book titled "A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards" by George M. Marsden

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George Mardsen, professor emeritus of history at the University of Notre Dame, is widely acknowledged as the premier historian of the life of the Puritan pastor Johnathan Edwards. Prior to this briefer history, in 2003, Mardsen published a full-length biography called Jonathan Edwards: A Life.  It was the recipient of numerous awards. 

Most Americans are vaguely familiar with the fiery preacher whose sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" is still widely anthologized. While this is his most famous work, Edwards of course, wrote many others. Unfortunately, as this is the only sermon well-known, modern readers often get an almost-cartoonish picture of the man. Mardsen sets the record straight, in both this abbreviated biography as well as his longer work. 

As Mardsen shows, Edwards was the poster-child for Puritanism in the years before the American Revolution. During this time, preachers were often the most educated and therefore, the most influential, citizens of any town. This...

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