Is this quadrilateral a parallelogram? If it is or isn't please explain why!   Appreciate it!  Picture link below

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The diagonals of a parralelogram bisect each other. As we are given that the first diagonal has two lengths of 3 ie 3=3 and the second diagonal has two lengths of 4 ie 4=4.

Therefore we can see that the diagonals do indeed bisect each other as the first diagonal (a total of 6 units) cuts the line of 8 units into 2 equal sections (4 and 4) and the second diagonal (a total of 8 units) cuts the line of 6 units into 2 equal sections (3 and 3).  

The diagonals of a parralelogram bisect each other. Therefore the quadrilateral is a parralelogram.  


oldnick | Student

A quadrilate is a figure with four sides, even trapezoid is a quadrlater too.

But a parallelogram is a quadrilater  with parallel sides twice by twice.

You can figure it  as a rectangular frame of which is moved only them the upper side, this will tilt but the sides will continue to be always two by two parallel. 

Thus the parallelogram si a particular kind of quadrilater, as, sqaure rectangulus, trapezoid and so on..