How is it evident that the play, "Waiting for Godot" is about ''waiting''?Waiting for Godot

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The title is very appropriate for this play.  From the very beginning of the play, the main characters (Estragon and Vladimir) are waiting for Godot to arrive.  They are two elderly gentlemen who used to be well-to-do, but are now homeless, dejected, and often suicidal. They sit and discuss things from their past, from their current surroundings, and from the people who pass as they wait.  From time to time, a messenger appears to let them know that Godot has been delayed, and so they keep waiting for him.  However, after a few days' delay and much discussion about seemingly nothing, Godot never arrives and the play ends leaving the reader/audience feeling a little unsatisfied with regard to plot.

Two other gentlemen appear briefly and the tree nearby sprouts leaves in the time that Estragon and Vladimir first gather to begin waiting, but nothing much else...aside from the waiting... occurs in the two acts it takes to perform this piece.

There is an excellent summary and analysis at the link below.  I think you find all you need there to understand and satisfy your questions about this play.  Good Luck!

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