Is this a good thesis for the story "Happing Endings"?(Thesis Statement) In "Happy Endings" Atwood, through the elements of writing, argues that "how" and "why" something happens is far more...

Is this a good thesis for the story "Happing Endings"?

(Thesis Statement) In "Happy Endings" Atwood, through the elements of writing, argues that "how" and "why" something happens is far more important than the mere "what" happened because the beginning and the middle of the story contains the theme and the end will always be the same; they die.


this is the prompt for the assignment


Writing Task:

Explain how your close reading of a short story reveals the relationship between significant parts of the story and the whole. More specifically, select one short story from the list below and identify its theme. Then explain in detail how the elements: plot sequence, characters, point of view, tone, and/or setting contribute to and reflect the theme of the story

I will write on how the plot, characters, and point of view reflect this thesis.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you are on the right track, but your thesis should be streamlined a little.  A strong thesis will plainly and succinctly state what you are writing to prove in a way that directly addresses the prompt.

First of all, I would explain more specifically what you mean by “the elements of writing” because you are not clear as to what those are.  I think that is generally too vague.  You should choose a specific element to focus on, such as specific elements of the writer’s style.  I have included a link to the style analysis below for this book.   You should address one of those specific elements.  You mention you want to discuss characters, plot and point of view, but you might want to focus on tone and talk about irony, because you mention that “the end will always be the same.”

Finally, I would like to see the structure of your sentence streamlined.  Here is an example of your thesis written more diretly.

In "Happy Endings" Atwood uses the stylistic element of satire to argue that theme is more important than plot.

You can go on in the next sentence to discuss the elements you will focus on. It seems like you have an interesting idea here with the journey being more important than the destination.  I think tone, point of view, and plot might be more useful.  You already mentioned plot in your first thesis, and I think you are headed in the direction of tone.  You can use point of view to establish this idea.



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