Is this a good sonnet poem? As I sit here day dreaming of my future, Taking on each semester at a time, I pray that it will be a successful venture, There are times I sit in class feeling like a mime. -- Seeking to make a difference in someone's life, I cannot fathom the thought of letting myself down, Hoping that my hard work won't take a dive, It is my goal to walk across the stage wearing a gown. -- I believe the unknown is more frightening than the known, My future is not only important to me, Not knowing which way my life will be thrown, But proves to people what I can be. -- In order to be successful, I must remain positive, I'm sure my work will prove to be causative.

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You've got the rhyme scheme down, however you are not using the word 'causative' correctly. 'Causative' means acting as a cause, or producing, so it doesn't really work in that sentence. 

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