Antigone Questions and Answers
by Sophocles

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Is this a good argumentative thesis: Atigone's aberrant approach to her female role is important by disrupting the patriarchy in Antigone. promt: what impotance does antigone's gender hold in antigone?

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I certainly think that there is much in way of validity in this thesis statement.  It takes the approach that Antigone was essential in her actions because she was able to stand for principles regardless of cost.  This was something that women were not "supposed" to do in the time period.  Consider her sister, Ismene, as representative of this.  I also think that the statement has validity in that there is a patriarchal culture that Creon seems to advocate.  In admonishing his son for his feelings, Creon labels him as not "man" enough for enduring such pain.  Certainly, a part of Creon has difficulty dealing with the fact that Antigone, a woman, simply does not know her place.  Yet, I think that in the course of explicating this thesis statement, a larger issue might need to be raised.  Indeed, gender is very important here. However, Antigone's disobedience is not really motivated by gender as primary importance.  She is disobedient because she wishes to honor her brother and wishes to defy an unjust law.  She is not rebelling as much because of her gender as much as because she feels that her voice is not validated as a human being mourning for a loved one.  This does not take from the thesis statement developed.  Yet, over the course of the analysis, I think that this has to be addressed in some form.

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