Is this exposition question okay? My homework is to craft your own question and write an exposition essay answering it.  The question I made is "The quality of healthcare in America has room for improvement. What do you think of this statement?" I'm not sure whether its okay. Can I have opinions and suggestions on what I should edit?

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My impression is that it would be better if you did not make a statement and then ask a question but if you just asked a question in a single sentence, such as the following:

Does the quality of healthcare in America have room for improvement?


In what ways might the quality of healthcare in America be improved?


What are some of the important ways in which the quality of healthcare needs to be improved?


What important changes have been suggested for improving the quality of healthcare in America?

Anyway, I think you should start with a question rather than a statement and that you can find a way to ask your question in a single sentence. I hope my suggestions have been of help.

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