This doesn't have  much to with school, but, since I love The Hunger Games, I wanted to ask if it will evolve into a movie?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a dystopian novel about a world where the twelve remaining Districts are punished yearly for the rebellion of the extinct thirteenth District. Annual lotteries are held to select the two children from each District that must participate in the Hunger Games; the winner is rewarded with the luxuries of plentiful food, ease and comfort for themselves and their family.

The sister of the heroine Katniss is drawn in the lottery to fight in the next Hunger Games. To save her, Katniss volunteers. To complicate the plot, a boy who is in love with Katniss is also drawn in the lottery to fight. People like this story, which is a departure from Collins' usual fantasy genre, because the reader is invited into sixteen-year-old Katniss's thoughts.

It so happens that Lionsgate picked up the movie production rights in 2009. Alli Shearmur of Lionsgate Production will oversee the production of the film version of The Hunger Games. There is speculation that the film version will be inadequate because the interiority produced by Katniss's thoughts will most likely be missing. has the film listed as "in development" and slated for a an unspecified 2011 relaease.

akuhano | Student

If you look on the website I put as a reference link, you can see updates on the making of the movie.

klanglois | Student

As far as I know, the movie is still in the works. As of May this year, they were doing casting calls for extras in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. The movie will also be filmed here.

udonbutterfly | Student

Now in the present day the book was able to be tastefully adapted. The actor used to play Katniss was spot on. Although I was a little skeptical with our Peeta after the hair color change and slight makeup it really had me in awe. Rue is also another perfect selection. I am definitely going to see the final installment. The acting plus the awesome graphics are the ingredients to awesome films.

zumba96 | Student

It has evolved on the movie screen already and the final adaption is coming this coming November. Both movies so far have left me breathless and excited and the story line is well incorporated although some of the characters were not as specified in the book, it is a great movie. 

kitterscattt | Student

The Hunger Games is in the process of becoming a movie.  Off the top of my head, I know the Liam Hemsworth plays Gale and Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta.  I don't remember the actress that plays Katniss, but she looks very similar to how I pictured Katniss.  I would use akuhano's link.  Its pretty good :)

zazsuran | Student

As much as I'd absolutely love to see this series become a movie, I can't imagine it could do any justice to the book. 

There are plenty of movies that incorporate first person narrative [think Fight Club], so I don't think the first person narrative will be the problem.  I think that the problem lies in how well the idea is presented.  This is a problem I think the SyFy channel demonstrates VERY well.  Many of their original programs are...creative to say the least, but often so poorly executed in dialouge and set design [which is to some degree understandable, they're not made of money] that most people keep flipping the channel.  I think if made into a movie, The Hunger Games would only attract a very small audience and probably won't make enough money to balance out Hollywood checkbooks.  Now, if THG had a cult following like the Twilight series, I'm sure enough screaming preteens could rally a movie, but alas, THG isn't as popular [which I find gastly].

My personal opinion is, I'd rather keep THG in my mind and heart than see them forced and butchered by low budget and bad acting on the big screen. 

rtsaindon | Student

I have heard that there are talks of bringing this glorious series to the big screen, but I completely agree with zazsuran. There is no way that any movie could compete with the scenery and actors I have built up in my own imagination. As much as I would love to see them try, I feel that I would only be let down. There is so much detail and emotion that go along with each of these stories, I feel it would be difficult to translate to film. Again, I'd like to think that possibly they would make it into a movie, and it would exceed my expectations. Then again, I'm not holding my breath.