What challenges does Lebron James face?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Lebron James' primary challenges lie in the ralm of basketball.  The question that many are asking is whether or not James possesses that element of greatness in the most trying of situations.  James' failure in the 4th quarter of last season's Finals as well as his well documented hesitancy towards taking "the last shot" has created a series of obstacles that end up making James the subject of many questions until he can consistently prove his prowess in the 4th quarter or until he plays a vital role in winning a NBA Championship.  In terms of public image, James' challenge is fully understanding how he is perceived.  "The Decision" and its fallout, his lack of wanting to play "the bad guy," as well as some of his statements that reflect obliviousness to others' sensitivity are all examples of how James is still young to not fully grasp the implications of his decisions and the perception that those bring to him.  Consider his Tweets in the wake of the collapse in the Finals last season when he said that others need to "get lives."   James is still struggling with both the critical elements of his game and public perception through which  only the rarefied air of the few have to battle.  This is where James is and the challenges he faces as a result.

thewanderlust878 | Student

I think that LeBron James faces many challenges everyday. Obviously, every human being on Earth faces challenges based upon their family life, financial situation, mental and physical health, as well as outside sources that they cannot control. Being a celebrity, and a professional athlete on top of that, brings about even more challenges.

I definitely think that probably the biggest challenges he faces would be to live up to the expectations he has not only set for himself, but that his coaches, teammates, and even the fans have set and expect him to reach. I'm sure it is a tough situation to be in, as a professional athlete, because you have thousands of people watching you play and expecting you do well. And if you don't, they think less of you and talk poorly about you simply because you had a bad game. 

ty3456 | Student

the challenges lebron faces overall are criticisim. lebron could idealy deal with not having a ring just like charles barkley and patrick ewing. how ever, people who make fun of his problems on social websites( twitter, facebook, youtube comments) get under his skin.  those insults create lebron to get more depressed.

ex:on cleveland, lebron's mom was critisied for sleeping with teammate delonte west. during the last few games after lebron supposevly found out, the next few games, lebron played at one of his worst levels .