Is this comedy or comedy/drama?

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The play Almost, Maine by John Cariani might best be characterized as a romantic comedy. The play is bracketed by a discussion between two lovers, Pete and Ginette, who are gradually in the process of revealing their love to each other. The Prologue ends with the paradox that given that the world is roughly spherical, people as close as possible to one another in one direction are as far apart as possible in another direction. Thus Ginette heads away from Pete in a journey around the world to bring her closer to him.

The subsequent eight scenes involve vignettes of eight other couples, all overcoming relationship obstacles in narrative arcs that pose a problem or paradox, work through short intervals of vaguely surreal comedy, and end with happy resolutions. The play ends with a happy reunion between Pete and Ginette.

The combination of humor and romantic plot with a happy ending is typical of the romantic comedy.


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