In this circuit I1=0.08332 A, I2=0.18653 A, I3=-0.005 A How do i find I R4 and V R5?

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llltkl | Student

According to the circuit, shown in the attached picture,

Current through `R_4` = Current through `R_3` + Current through `R_5`

=0.18653-0.005=0.18153 A

So, `I_R_4` = 0.18153 A

Again, voltage through `R_5` =(current through `R_5` )*`R_5`

=-0.005*75=-0.375 V.

Thus, `V_R_5=-0.375 ` V.

Negative value of voltage means current flow will be in the opposite direction, which is indeed the case for R5.

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