Examine which adjective best describes the writing style of the book:  Effective, powerful, difficult or beautiful.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A case can be made for each of the adjectives representing the novel. The novel's style is highly powerful, as it never loses sight in how Bruno sees the world.  In a world that has gone mad, Bruno's inability to pronounce Auschwitz or the Fuhrer reminds us that the world had gone mad and that individuals are right in not being able to embrace such insanity.  

There is a level of difficulty that the style illuminates, for as Bruno struggles to understand why things are configured the way they are, we struggle with it, as well.  Bruno's voice is the voice of the reader, seeking to understand how reality could be developed and constructed in such a manner.  There is a difficulty in trying to understand the way things are and through Bruno, the reader is able to share this.  

There is beauty in how Bruno and Shmuel share the adventure of friendship.  The beauty is revealed in how both stand up for one another, take abuse for one another, and how Bruno tells Shmuel that he is "best friend for life" at the most terrifying of moments.  It is here in which there is effectiveness.  The style of writing, a style that asserts the universality of loyalty and honor in a temporal world that seeks to minimize such truths, brings out effectiveness in theme.  It is a style that wishes to leave the reader with understanding the importance of such universal values.  In this, it becomes clear that the work can represent all of the featured adjectives.