Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast

by Robin McKinley
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In this book, what scenes would be good for a story map? I have to do a story map for my reading class and I'm not sure what to do and how to explain it

Expert Answers

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I would consider the following scenes significant:

*the family's financial crash (chapter 1, page 12 in my edition), because it brings them to their new home

* the scene where Ger stops Beauty from going into the forest and explains the legends about it being haunted (Chapter 3, pg 41), because it explains the dangers of the forest and sets the scene for what happens

*when the letter from Frewen arrives (pg 51), sending her father away

*the arrival of Father at the beast's castle, pg 66 (part 2, chapt 1)

*when Beauty's seeds grow right before she leaves (pg 91), giving her hope

*The scene in which Beauty and the Beast meet (pg 115, Chapt 1 of part 3)

*Beast gives Beauty a tour of the castle and she views the family portraits, saying of the last one (the Beast's portrait) "I think he died young" (pg 144)

* When Greatheart meets the Beast, pg 151, proving that Beauty is crossing certain barriers

* the emotionally charged dinner where Beauty and Beast joke together one minute, then Beast asks her to marry him, and she declines, leading him to break a bottle (pg 162)

* When Beauty refuses the dress from Bessie and Lydia (pg 182), showing that she has a low opinion of her own looks and also showing that she cares how the Beast views her

*when Beast lets Beauty go (pg199), essentially proving his love for her

* when Beauty returns to the Beast and the transformation (pg 238)


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