As this act opens, what accusation does Giles Corey make in "The Crucible"?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act Three, Giles Corey gets kicked out of the courtroom and swears that the accusations against his wife are false. In the vestry room, Deputy Governor Danforth reads Giles Corey's deposition against Thomas Putnam. The deposition states that Thomas Putnam prompted his daughter to accuse George Jacobs of witchcraft. George Jacobs was immediately arrested and is currently awaiting his trial. Giles Corey tells Danforth that Thomas Putnam is aware that George Jacobs will have to forfeit his land if he is hung for being a witch. Coincidentally, Putnam is the only citizen in Salem who can afford of to buy George's land. Giles Corey is accusing Thomas Putman of attempting to kill his neighbors in order to take their land. Giles goes on to say that an honest man overheard Putman instructing his daughter to accuse George of witchcraft. However, Giles refuses to name the man who overheard Putman plotting against his neighbors. Unfortunately, Danforth arrests Giles Corey for contempt of court because he refused to tell him who overheard Putnam.  

dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although you have not given the exact Act, I believe that you are talking about Act 3 because this is the act that begins the court room scene and contains an accusation by Giles Corey.  At the end of Act 2, the reader finds out that Martha Corey, Elizabeth Proctor, and Rebecca Nurse have all been arrested.  In the beginning of Act 3 Giles Corey tries all that he can to get the court to see that these are false acusations.  In order to do this, he begins by making an accusation that Thomas Putnam is having his daugther, Ruth, accuse people of witchcraft so that he can buy their land.  Corey's only proof is that he was given this information by a man who overheard Putnam tell another villager that his daughter gave him a "great gift of land" when she accused George Jacobs of witchcraft. 

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Thomas Putman is having his daughter Ruth accuse people of witchcraft so he can buy their land.

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