I think we agree that we are in a war, and that it is a "war on terror." This type of war is so different than most we have fought in our history. Evaluate what we are doing now?   

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is the question of the decade or of our time. And since we, as a nation, have never fought this kind of war, it is hard to see what we are up against, and what the solution is. In my opinion, we are on the right track, but there is room for growth and correction. Here are a few perspectives:

First, the fight against terror is not an easy one to fight, because the "enemy" can literally be anyone. Moreover, all you need is a small cell and often these cells are not even in contact with each other. In light of this, it is amazing how few schemes have hatched in the US. The authorities have been doing a good job from this perspective. 

Second, we need to coordinate better, which all law officials know. We also need to coordinate better with agencies overseas. Terrorism needs to be seen as an offences against all of humanity. I believe that we can grow in this area. 

Third, we need to do some public relations abroad. And we need to take seriously the religious issues that surround Islam. It does us no good to pass over the religious issues, as if they are not important. I believe that great work needs to be done in this area. 

Finally, the US is generous in allowing many students from around the world to study at our best universities. We should continue to allow this to set an example of freedom. This is part of our public relations.