Do you think the Puritans would have considered the poem "Huswifery" useful?

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On one hand, I would like to say that the Puritans would have found the poem a practical expression of how their labor ties into their spiritual lives.  The poem is focused on God and his work in a very concrete way.  Taylor shows that God's glory can be reflected through the common labors of everyday life.  The poem is about making cloth, which is a long, step by step process.  There are a lot of pieces and steps involved in making something beautiful.  That is how the Puritans would view their Christian work as well.  It takes a long time for a person to truly become something God glorifying.  

On the other hand, I fear that Puritans might view the poem as a waste of time.  It is not the Bible; therefore, it is not God's special revelation.  I think many Puritans would have the attitude that if a person is going to spend time reading, he/she should be reading the Bible.  


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