A Doll's House Questions and Answers
by Henrik Ibsen

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Is Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House  still relevant today, and do women like Nora and husbands like Torvald still exist?

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Even though Henrik Ibsen's celebrated play A Doll's House is set during the Victorian era, many of the themes, conflicts, and situations are still relevant in today's society. Despite the fact that modern women have significantly more opportunities and rights than Nora Helmer, the discrimination that her character endures and the conflicts she experiences are still relevant to modern audiences.

Nora is married to a selfish, authoritative man who treats her like a possession and believes that she is incapable of functioning without him. Torvald belittles his wife by using pet names, controls their finances, and is highly critical of her. Torvald and Nora's relationship is not founded on love, trust, and balance and is instead rooted in deception and inequality. Ultimately, Torvald discovers that Nora secretly committed forgery by taking out a loan behind his back. At the end of the play, Torvald loses his temper on Nora, who ends up leaving him.

In modern society, many marriages experience...

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nataranjan | Student

i am surprised, royce997, you haven't had an answer to your RATHER fascinating question in more than 6 weeks ! What's the matter with the literary types? Can no one see Noras and Torvalds walking past us, living with us, born in our families day after day after day ...each one attracted to the other and ready to set up family, fall in love and have babies, but unable to trust each other...suspecting that one or the other is upto one thing or the other that simply will turn out to be just the wrong thing .. if men aren't sure what their women are up to ...women aren't making it any easier than Nora by not letting them on to their secrets...so , we have  a modern world full of secretive Noras and egotistic Torvalds ...who start up setting up families thinking they are above such low impulses as to suspect each other , but aren't that noble after all...and those who are above such emotions are actually Krogstads and the Linde's who are making alliances of conveniences..and those who can see through the tragedy of this all are dying or dead such as Dr.Rank ...so , there you have it , royce997, all Ibsen's characters are parading up and down our world which someone once , long before Ibsen , called a stage !