In The Things They Carried, what are four examples of how the theme of burdens is conveyed?

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Tim O’Brien writes about the physical and figurative burdens, or “things,” the soldiers carry. Especially in the story of that title, he establishes the character of the men in the unit by telling the reader about some specific item associated with the man. Some of these things recur and have greater significance later in the book; others are presented as one of many snippets that help establish the character and do not figure significantly into the plot.

Two related examples of burdens are associated with Henry Dobbins. A large physical burden is associated with this large man. His assigned responsibility is to carry the heaviest weapon, the M-16 machine gun. In addition, he carries extra rations, which is not technically his assignment. The other men come to associate him with the additional food, which increases not just his popularity but also his responsibility. While carrying the food is a physical burden, O'Brien conveys, it is also emotional because it makes Henry...

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