What are five things that are important to you when choosing a company/employer?

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The answer to this could be different for different people.  Different people think that different things are important and so will have different priorities when picking an employer.  Some possible factors that would go into picking a place to work:

  • How much money they will pay you.
  • What kind of opportunities there are for advancement.  Most people would like to move up the ladder and get jobs that are more responsible (and higher paying).
  • What kind of job you will have.  Many people would prefer to work at a job that is interesting to them.
  •  What the corporate culture is like.  Do you want to work at a job where everyone is competing and trying to get ahead?  Would you prefer to work at a more relaxed place?
  • Location.  Some people would prefer to work at a place that is conveniently located, or located in a city where they would like to live.
  •  Size of business.  Would you prefer to work in a big firm or a small one?
  • Specific people at the workplace.  People might want to pick their job based on whether, for example, they think they will like the person who would be their boss.

Which of these (or of the factors listed in the link below) would be important to you?

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