In Things Fall Apart, what were the effects of colonialism on the region?

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The effect of colonization in Things Fall Apart was to destroy the entire culture of the region. In the novel, the greatest focus is on religion. The religious traditions and ceremonies of the Ibo people are described in some detail and though some of their practices may seem cruel, they provide the clan members with a profound sense of meaning and connection to the spirit world. The new religion of Christianity initially gains converts by accepting those of low status, who were denied a part in the traditional religion. The ministers of the new religion do not understand the old one. This is true even of the more tolerant and thoughtful Mr. Brown, who accuses the Ibo of worshipping pieces of wood, rather than realizing that these wooden idols symbolize spirits in the same way as a wooden carving of Christ on the cross.

The demoralization and eradication of traditional culture that occurs in the sphere of religion is replicated in every other area from family life to government. Some...

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