Things Fall Apart is structured in three parts. What do the divisions reflect about the stages of life of the protagonist? How do the divisions move toward and illustrate the collapse of Igbo society?  

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With a writing style that is very similar to Alice Walker’s The Third Life of Grange Copeland, Chinua Achebe structures the life of central protagonist Okonkwo into three distinct episodes. The alluded-to portions are chronologically sequential when held against the standard historical narrative of pre-colonial Africa, the arrival of Europeans to Africa, and the subduing of Africa at the hand of whites.

The first stage of Things Fall Apart paints a vivid picture of pre-colonial Africa via the life of the central protagonist, Okonkwo. Motivated by the failings of a disgracefully lazy father, Unoka , Okonkwo fights to escape the large shadow that his father has cast on his young life. Achebe’s portrait of Umuofia goes a great measure to refute pervasive lies about “the dark continent” via the robust civilization that Okonkwo exists within. There is no room among reasonable people to doubt that pre-colonial Africa is not rich with traditions, belief systems, ceremonies, spirituality, and...

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