In "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe, what was the effect of the new faith on the people?Add reference from the book.

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At first, the missionaries are seen as curiosities. However, when Nwoye is converted and joins the missionaries, Okwonkwo is angry. While Okwonkwo is in exile, Obierika visits him and tells him that the missionaries are called "ifulefe" or "worthless men". They think the missionary is insane who tells them that the Ibgo gods are worthless. So when the missionaries ask for land to build a church, the Igbo give them a part of the Evil Forest and they are sure their gods and ancestors will punish the missionaries. When nothing happens to the church, the Ibgos are surprised but figure their gods can take care of themselves. They are not too worried about the church until a convert kills a sacred python. Then the Igbos begin to shun the missionaries.Eventually, while Okwonkwo is in exile, some of important men join the Christians. But the Christians are white men and have also brought their government. It is the clash with the government that will bring division and strife to the Ibgo people.

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