In The Thief Lord, I need help to find answers for my special-needs daughter's homework. Chapters 1-2: 1.Why do Hartliebs want to hire victor? 5.Why doesn't prosper want Bo's picture taken?...

In The Thief Lord, I need help to find answers for my special-needs daughter's homework.

Chapters 1-2:

1.Why do Hartliebs want to hire victor?

5.Why doesn't prosper want Bo's picture taken?

Chapters 3-5:

2.What does the Thief Lord wear to disguise himself?

6.Do you think Prosper is a good deal-maker? Why or why not?

8.What doesn't Barbarossa know about Scipio?

Chapters 6-14:

4.Why does prosper think that he and Bo should leave Venice?

8.Why do you think Chapter 14 is titled '' Premonitions''?

Chapter 15-26:

3.Why does Victor go to see Dottor Massimo's?

8.Where does Prosper think Scipio got the loot he says he stole?

Chapter 27-36:

1.What deal dose Ida make with the children?

3.What does Victor tell the Hartliebs?

5. What legend surrounds the lsola Segreta, where the Conte has taken the wing?

Chapters 37-53:

1 Why does Scipio come to Ida's house?

9.What happens to Scipio?

Thank you.

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Thief Lord traces the lives of Prosper and Boniface (Bo) as they live among a group of street children in Venice and try to find their way after the death of their parents. The boys will learn the value of friendship and the real meaning of family. They will learn who to trust and how to forgive their friends and they will learn that appearances can be deceiving. Things are not always as they seem and even Victor, the private detective, must use various disguises in his work. Disguises allow people to hide their insecurities or their true identity but the true depth of a person's character lies in getting to know that person and not in relying on appearances. Even Scipio, the Thief Lord himself, masks his true identity because he does not get the unconditional love from his father that he truly deserves.  

1. Prosper and Bo's aunt and uncle (Ester and Max Hartlieb) want to split up the boys but Prosper is determined not to let that happen. Ester and Max want to hire Victor because he is a private detective and the boys have run away to avoid being separated.  

2. (5) Prosper knows that he and Bo should not have run away and that the Hartliebs are surely looking for them because they want to adopt Bo and send him away. When some Japanese tourists take the angelic-looking Bo's picture, Prosper is angry because they must not draw attention to themselves or they will be found and Prosper will be sent to boarding school and Bo will go to live with the Hartliebs. 

3. (2) Scipio is a boy of only thirteen but he is the leader of the gang of street children, giving them money. He claims to have stolen the possessions of wealthy people during burglaries which he then sells for cash to Barbarossa. To make him appear taller, Scipio wears high-heeled boots, a long back cloak and a mask in the shape of a bird's beak, similar to those worn during the Black Plague in the fourteenth century.  

4. (6) Prosper is a good deal-maker because he convinces Barbarossa to pay the children much more for their latest stash than he usually would. Prosper has good observation skills and has noticed a few things about previous items that Barbarossa has bought from the gang. Prosper also discovers that Barbarossa's beard is actually dyed for effect. It is these observational skills that make him good at negotiating. 

5. (8) Barbarossa tells the children that he has a "job" for the Thief Lord, Scipio. Barbarossa thinks that the Thief Lord is an excellent thief and Barbarossa wants his to steal something for a client of his. Because the children always do the dealing with Barbarossa, it is unlikely that he knows that Scipio is actually just a child himself. 

6. (4) In chapter 6, Prosper and Riccio are followed by a peculiar man with a moustache. Prosper starts to run away and is aware that the man follows him. Riccio recognizes the man as a private detective and the boys manage to get away and board a "vaporetto" (a ferry boat) and watch the man as he is left standing on the bank. Prosper is convinced the man is looking for him and Bo. Later, the man will reappear in another apparent disguise and this time he has been chatting with Bo who is intrigued by the "pigeon" man. Prosper wants to leave immediately but Scipio insists that they can make a plan. 

There are too many questions to answer them all in one post but you are welcome to post more questions. The links provided below will help you navigate this story so that you can help your daughter. Good luck!