"And they were in the uniform livery" describes what character in Canterbury tales?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"And they were in the uniform livery" describes the five guildsmen which are mentioned in the Prologue of The Canterbury Tales.  The five guildsmen mentioned by the narrator include: a haberdasher (hat maker), carpenter, arras-maker (curtain maker), dyer, and weaver.  The narrator praises their smart form of dress, complimenting their livery and gear as being "new and well-adorned" (5). 

"The Five Guildsmen" section of the prologue provides interesting details about these skilled craftsmen.  The narrator clearly respects them for their dress, occupation, ability, and wisdom, claiming they were "fitted to have been an alderman" or local official (12).  Chaucer's descriptions portray them as well-established in their craft and high-ranking in their guild.

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