"They walked quickly, happily, accross roads all of them remembered, left the lake and the cliffs alongside it, brave men staggering under the weight of Grendel's skull, too heavy for fewer than four of them to handle-- two on each side of the spear jammed through it-- yet proud of their ugly load and determined that the Danes, seated in Herot, should see it. Why do you think that the Geats want the Danes to see Grendel's skull?

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It is likely that there are several reasons why Beowulf and the Geats return to King Hrothgar and the Danes.

  • Beowulf wants to bring proof that the monster is dead.
  • Beowulf wants to silence Unferth, who is jealous and has taunted him.
  • Beowulf desires recognition of the prowess of the Geats over the Danes of whom the monsters were not afraid
  • Beowulf wishes to honor his race with his valor
  • Beowulf desires to assuage any fears that Hrothgar may yet have for his warriors
  • Beowulf wishes to heal the breach between the Geats and the Danes by symbolically presenting them Grendel's head as an offering of conciliation and friendship:

To both these people's peace shall be common,
To Geat-folk and Danemen, the strife be suspended 

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