Thesis statement for the "Worn Path." I need help writing a thesis statement for the "Worn Path."

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One thing you could do is trace the symbolism related to Phoenix's name.  A phoenix is a type of magical bird that, when it reaches old age, bursts into flame and is then reborn from the ashes.  There are a number of places in the text where the narrator describes either Phoenix herself or objects with either birdlike or burning imagery.

For example, Phoenix has a "golden color" running underneath her skin and cheeks that are "illumined by a yellow burning under the dark."  Thus, she seems imbued with a special kind of life and light, as if she is lit up from within.  Further, as she walks through the forest, the pine cones "dropped as light as feathers" around her.  She talks about how she walks "Up through pines, [and] down through oaks," just as a literal bird would fly through the trees.  As she walks, her journey is marked by encounters with more trees: one across the stream, one under which she sits, dead trees that she passes, and live oaks under which she walks.  She is...

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