Thesis statement for a comparative essay between Baba and Amir.

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A thesis statement is a sentence written near the beginning of an essay that makes a claim which presents the author’s argument and gives the essay a direction. In regards to composing a comparative essay between the characters Baba and Amir from the novel The Kite Runner, one would have to examine their character traits, significant life events, decisions, and interactions with other characters throughout the novel. While Baba and Amir have little in common and have dramatically different personalities, they both share the same intrinsic emotions regarding guilt and regret. Baba feels guilty for having a Hazara son, who he neglects because of social pressure, while Amir experiences extreme guilt for not intervening while Hassan was being raped. The following sentence is a good example of a thesis statement for a comparative essay regarding Baba and Amir.

  • Despite their many differences, both Baba and Amir share similar feelings of guilt, sorrow, and remorse as a result of regrettable life decisions they have made.
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