THESIS STATEMENTWhat would be a good thesis statement if I were to use "betrayal" or "technology" as my theme?

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A thesis statement relevant to betrayal might go something like this:

Sometimes a person must betray less important values in order to be loyal to values that seem far more significant.

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For technology, to follow up the earlier idea I posted in response to your other discussion, you could use the following thesis statement.

In The Hunt for Red October, increasingly sophisticated levels of technology force characters into confronting ever more complex moral conundrums.

This would allow you to look at the way in which technology is used as a theme in the novel and makes the stakes of the conflict so big.

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You could discuss whether the actions of Marko Ramius constituted betrayal, or if they were, whether they may have been justified. He was the captain of a ship that was designed to start a war, and, having come to believe that this was wrong, he defected. What happens when one's loyalty to country, sense of duty, etc. collide with one's own convictions? Your answer to these questions could be your thesis.

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Technology would be a great thesis. You can have a thesis that says that we have great technology, such as nuclear power, but often we use this power in ways that can be harmful, such as the proliferation of nuclear weapon. A good thesis could be as follows: "With great advancements in technology comes the need for wisdom and responsibility."

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For the theme of betrayal, we need some more information in the thesis. You need to ask yourself who is betraying who or what, and you might even be more specific and talk about what inspires a person to become a traitor to ones country.