Thesis Statament Research Paper!Hi, i need to write a good thesis statement against abortion, can sombody provide ideas of how to do a really good thesis statement?? cuze I;m not really good doing...

Thesis Statament Research Paper!

Hi, i need to write a good thesis statement against abortion, can sombody provide ideas of how to do a really good thesis statement?? cuze I;m not really good doing thesis...! U_U

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A strong thesis statement will state your position in a no-nonesense way.  The key is not to be wishy-washy.  You cannot be either partially for or partially against.  You need to begin off the bat saying which side you are on and why.

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Some aspects of the abortion problem are expressed in the following questions: What are the historical alternatives? What is the impact of legislation on teen-age girls? What are the ramifications of anti-abortion legislation on individual freedoms? What are the important spiritual and metaphysical concerns related to unwanted teen pregnancies?

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Before you write your thesis statement, you need to know what point(s) you are trying to make in your paper.  You might want to start with brainstorming the topic.  If your topic is against abortion, you might want to make a list of reasons that someone might be against abortion.  Then, try to narrow your list down to three or four ideas that you can really dig into.  These ideas will help to form the body of your paper later, but they will also direct your thesis statement.  You cannot write this statement until you have some idea of where the rest of your paper will be going.  Your thesis statement should let the reader know, not only what they will be reading, but what you are trying to prove.

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I think that wannam above said it best. Your thesis will say what you are trying to prove about the subject of abortion. Since you stated "against abortion" I take it that you are taking a negative stance. Your thesis, for example, may go in this manner as stated by Congressman Ron Paul in his book - Abortion and Liberty (1983) : Though in certain circumstances, abortion may be the only alternative for saving a human life, abortion on demand is no doubt the most serious sociopolitical problem of our age.

And after making that statement, your paper should prove why you feel that abortion on demand is the most serious sociopolitical problem of our age, and you should have references throughout your paper to back it up. With a thesis like the one I gave you, you should weigh pros and cons throughout your paper since the first part of the thesis leans toward pros. Your paper must flow. Hope this helps.



Paul, Ron (1983). Abortion and Liberty. Library of Congress, USA


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