THESIS SENTENCES HELP Hello, I REALLY need your help. i am writing a research paper on the censorship of the ACTUAL book, not CENSORSHIP IN THE BOOK. Make sence??...HOPEFULLY!! well anyway, i need 4 THESIS SENTENCES and a THESIS for this project. I thought all day and could not get ANYTHING. i tried so hard but i could not get it and i was hoping one of you editors could spare 15-20 min to help me. i will greatly appreciate it. So basically i just need 5 sentences that are about the ACTUAL BANNING OF THE BOOK IN REAL LIFE, not about THE CENSORSHIP INSIDE THE BOOK. Confusing, i know, but hopefully you guys can understand me. THANKS, MOOCOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with much of what the previous post says.  However, I think that you might be well-advised to spend one of your paragraphs talking about what your analysis of the reasons for banning the book is.  In other words, do you think that any of the reasons given for banning the book were actually valid and would you ever support a ban?

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Your main thesis statement could make the argument that Bradbury's book has been repeatedly banned. Your four sub-arguments could explain why the book was banned in four specific cases.  For example,

One argument for banning the book was made by some parents whose children attended West Washington High School in Topeka, Kansas in 1963.  [I made up the details here in order to give you an idea of the kind of thing I have in mind.]

Hope this helps!  It actually a good topic.

Here's one piece of evidence:

You can find others like this one by searching on Google for "Banning Fahrenheit 451.'

Here's something from eNotes:

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There are several web sites on banned books in general you might want to refer to for background. Here are some sites: Here's an article on a parent protest for the book. Also check out the Natinal Council for Teachers of English
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