Where and how can I find proper resources to back up my thesis that in the play "In the Blood" by Suzan-Lori Parks the issue of colorism victimizes Hester?

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First, I would suggest that you might think about methodology. To do scholarship, one starts with a question, does research, and then decides on a stance. In other words, first you should become familiar with the material by reading about and then deciding on the central claim you are making. "Resources" are not intended to support a decision that is unalterable but to help you decide if an initial hypothesis is correct. Part of doing good scholarship is keeping an open mind until after you have done your research and carefully examined all the evidence pertaining to an issue.

Your starting point for literary research is your university library website. The most important database for literary scholarship is the MLA International Bibliography, a specialized database focused on literary studies. JStor is also a broader database including scholarly articles on a wide range of subjects. Google Scholar can be another easily searchable resource. The journal MELUS, available through Project Muse, has been a leading scholarly journal for the study of multi-ethnic literature for several decades and would give you a good sense of the field. You can also read online the New York Times review of the original production and look for interviews with Suzan-Lori Parks, which will give you a sense of the playwright's goals in writing the play.

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