Thesis helpI need help writing a thesis  for my essay on why Othello acts with unjustified haste and violence, that is inexcusable for him to suspect his wife of adultery  

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Your ideas with regard to your thesis are appropriate for today's way of life, but Othello was from a different time. It might be stronger to argue that while we cannot imagine this every being okay, that the people of Shakespeare's time might not have seen this as wrong. In fact, in Shakespeare's time, Othello might have been admired by male society who would still have considered women as their property.

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The previous post offers most excellent advice regarding both the idea of a thesis as well as some possibilities for the idea you're interested in pursuing.  I agree with the concept of pride, certainly, as a primary motivator in his unjustified action.  I might add manipulation to the list, manipulation by Iago, of course.  Othello has been deceived, for sure; does that rise to the level of manipulation?  Possibly.  Whatever you choose for your thesis, make sure you believe it and have enough evidence to prove it. 

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     There are several ways to approach this assignment.  You may want to focus on his flaw of trusting those close to him such as Iago.  You can show how Iago's plan created doubt in Othello's mind about his wife Desdemona.  You could use the idea of jealousy here because this "green eye monster" consumes Othello's being to the point of insanity.  Also, you may want to include the fact that his high ranking in the military comes with a certain amount of pride.  An affair would be humiliating to any man, but especially daunting to a war hero.  Therefore, in his belief of infidelity, Othello has no choice but to protect his dignity and his reputation by caring out a violent justice.

     Although I cannot write the thesis statement for you, the ideas I presented above should give you enough material to begin formulating your thesis.  The important thing to remember is that the thesis sentence drives your entire paper so it must be a solid sentence with good focus.

     To sum it up, think about forming your sentence around pride, loyalty, trust, or revenge.  Any one of these ideas will work for the question you posed.  I hope this helps.

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