Thesis Essay Help I have to write an essay on the novel "Half The Sky" by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. They say "keep in mind this central truth: women aren't the problem but the solution. The plight of girls is no more a tragedy than opportunity" (xvii). What do Kristof and WuDunn mean by this? I've already started my introduction with my thesis statement being "This means that although these women undergo such unfortunate situations, they [the situations] give them the opportunity to find their voice in the world by not only raising awareness to this serious problem, but also initiating change." I can't generate enough ideas to write my body paragraphs. It has to be a minimum of 4 pages, maximum of 6. Any ideas? Please help.

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I agree this is a good start to your paper and your thesis statement. You might want to look through the book for specific examples of these women and these situations. Since you say that some women are presented with the opportunity but fail to realize their own strength, you might want to give at least one example of this as well. I would focus mostly on women who do find their voice, but it might strengthen your position to show at least one who did not. As you present this woman who did not find her voice, be sure to point out how she might have used her situation as an opportunity for growth. It will strengthen your point if you can show how this idea applies to all women, even those who did not achieve the same end result as others.
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Your thesis is fine for now.  It seems that the body paragraphs are of concern for you, so you need to do some brainstorming and some review of the text.  You need to reveiw the book looking for all of the events that are tragic or unfortunate for the women and explain a bit about them, then, more importantly, you need to show and explain HOW these events actually gave the women an opportunity to grow -- either by bringing the underlying issue to life or by actually taking actions to change the situation. See if there are events that are similar in nature that you could perhaps cluster together and then analyze them as a unit rather than each one individually.  This could help avoid your paper becoming repetitious.  In the conclusion, make sure to draw a further point about your thesis. Is there a unifying idea that connects all of the examples together?  Is there a single most important lesson or theme to be learned by the examples of these women?  You should be building to that throughout the essay

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Do you need help with your thesis, or with the body?  I think you should streamline your thesis into a more specific idea.  Also, be sure to not begin with "this" and instead say what "this is" in the beginning.

As for body paragraphs, I recommend coming up with three points to support your thesis.  Once you add quotations and commentary, four pages won't be a problem.

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