THESIS FOR A DBQ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can i make a thesis out of this info? Question - Analyze the respinces to the spread of Buddhism in china. What additional kind of documents would you need to evaluatet the extent of Buddhism's appeal in china? HISTORICAL BACKGROUND - Buddhism was founded in India in around the sixth century B.C.E. It was brought to china in the first century C.E. and gradually winning converts following the collapse of the Han Dynasty in 220 C.E. Buddhist influence continued to expand for several centuries. Between 220 C.E and 570 C.E., China experienced a period of Political instability and disunity. After 570 C.E, the imperial stricter was restored.   

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I think the best thesis statement you could devise would focus on the spread of Buddhism, and include an effect. You could describe the additional documentation in your introduction or as part of your explanation of the spread of Buddhism.
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I am familiar with this DBQ. I can't write a DBQ or thesis statement for you, but if you read all the documents carefully, you should be able to come up with a consensus of the meaning of the documents. Read each document carefully, summarize it in your own words, and then put them all together to determine what they say about the response to Buddhism in China. You should be able to divide them into three groups: those who welcomed Buddhism (and why); those who opposed it and why (hint: these were mostly the Confucians who opposed it because it wasn't Chinese) and then those who tried to find a consensus between the two. You cannot create a thesis, however, until you read and understand the documents. Good luck.

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