Thesis for compare and contrast paper for book and movie?I have examples of differences and similarites but I dont have the actual topic that the examples would fit under.  Does that make sense?  

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Your question does make sense and also shows that you have a good idea of how you wish to organize your paper.  Without knowing what your actual examples are, it will be a little difficult to steer you in a direction for topic categories.  My best advice is to group together similar examples and try to come up with a "label" for each group.  Aim for three groups, as this will make a nice 5 paragraph essay, but do not feel bound by this number.

A final note would be to consider some basic broad categories for any book/film compare-contrast essay.  Some that seem generic and widely applicable are:

Similarities and differences in...

  • plot
  • character
  • theme or main focus
  • symbolic elements or their meanings

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